Saturday, June 3, 2017

Michael Brecker with Hal Galper Live in Berlin 1977 (Recently Discovered Video - Never Seen Before)

German TV ZDF broadcast this concert one time only on november 4 1977. 
The video got lost for 40 years but in april 2017 Louis Gerrits (the world’s foremost Michael Brecker historian) found in an old 1977 german newspaper that this concert has been brodcast by ZDF.
One month later he discovered the video of the concert.

This is the only existing video of this legendary Hal Galper's group (except for a very rare low quality super8 movie discovered by Louis Gerrits watch it here)


Filmed on november 4 1977 in West Berlin 

Michael Brecker Tenor saxophone
Randy Brecker Trumpet
Hal Galper Piano
Wayne Dockery Bass
Bob Moses Drums

1) Hey Fool
2) This Is The Thing

This is a playlist of two videos
Press fast forword button in YouTube player to move to next video

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